Websites that POP & make you STAND OUT

Clean Car Sites that Legitimize Your Business

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Having a website that is visually appealing is vital to making your dealership look good to new and preexisting customers. If it doesn't pop, you risk not making that first impression that is crucial to customers forming a positive opinion about your dealership right out of the gate.

Let's get your dealership looking great again with:

✓ A fast loading, responsive website

✓ SEO optimization for better visibility

✓ Appealing auto graphics and animations

✓ Google Analytics integration to track results

OEM specific logos on your vehicle details pages

✓ Clean, organized inventory with detailed descriptions

✓ Quick links to help customers get immediate turn-by-turn directions to your dealership

✓ No links on your web site taking your online shoppers to see the competition's cars for sale!  

Our Websites ALWAYS include a  DEALERSHIP LOGO

Don't have one? AUTO DRIVEN MARKETING will create one for you FREE of charge!

Your website needs to have branding that customers can recognize and give your dealership a real striking web presence. We won't settle for anything less for you!

We'll always start with the logo that you've created already. But if you don't have a logo yet, we'll work with you to design one for you!

Your color choice

Bold, readable text font

Use your new logo on social media!

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Secure Websites are a MUST

Auto Driven Marketing Secure Websites

Chrome and Firefox browsers are now taking note of whether or not your site is secure and will let visitors know if they are not! This is why a secure site is crucial. AUTO DRIVEN MARKETING has you covered!

Some benefits include:

✓ Improved google rank

✓ Customers feel safer

✓ Website loads faster


Stand Out Further with Car Image OVERLAYS

Get noticed right away!  No matter what site your vehicle is on!

AUTO DRIVEN MARKETING offers image overlays for your car photos so that your brand can be seen right away and attached to your vehicle no matter where it is. That's right, even if your vehicle is being exported to a 3rd party site, your photos will still maintain that branding.

We provide the design, you simply approve it! Some options for overlay features include:

✓ Logo

✓ Address

✓ Website URL

✓ Phone number

✓ Slogan / Guarantee

Auto Driven Marketing photo overlays


Send your vehicle listings to 3rd party sites for more added exposure!



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Spice up your lot with QR CODE WINDOW STICKERS

North Country Auto QR.png

Print your own vinyl exterior window stickers right from your dealership with a

QR code to view more info, price, and give customers a sense of mental possession even after hours!

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